Like DBA's, Vulture Data Solutions, Inc. provides cost centric Unix / Linux Administrators. We provides system support for all UNIX/Linux based software by implementing, monitoring and maintaining systems and application software running under UNIX/Linux. We work with software vendors to provide optimum system performance and availability. Our consultants can save you upwards of 45% when you choose Vulture Data Solutions, Contact Us today.

Key Areas of Unix / Linux Administrator

  • Maintains UNIX/Linux Operating System to provide optimum performance and system availability.
  • Supports software vendor to ensure application software is installed correctly and all current maintenance levels have been applied.
  • Works with LAN personnel to ensure compatibility with LAN applications and peripheral hardware to provide end users with reliable and stable working environment.
  • Migrate your older outdated desupported hardware to the cloud. Our admins are AWS / Azure experts.
  • Design and manage best practices for backups and whole infrastructure.


Our Clients