Our customers are our priority. Letting our customers down isn't an option.
We understand and optimize each of our customers requirements. Some of the areas are highlighted below on what we strive to achieve and provide.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

In a fast moving global digtial world, businesses cannot sleep. This is where our Remote DBA services exceeed your expectations. Let us focus on keeping your databses up during off hours while you rest and focus on strategic and innovative ideas during normal business hours to increase your revenue.

Dedicated Support

With Remote DBA support, we can provide you a dedicated team that overseas all of your databases. We will perform all maintenance, upgrade, patching work as needed while you focus on new developments.

Full DBA Team

As a full DBA Team, we provide all of your database administration needs so that you don't have to hire anyone separately.

Adhoc DBA Team

Let VDS be the team that does all adhoc database administration work so that your in house DBAs focus on stragetic projects aligned to your buisness goals. Choose a custom package that supports your needs.

Reduce Cost

By selecting VDS, you can save a substantial amount in your bottom line reducing turnover and improving employee retention. In addition to this, you can gain an enormous amount of experience from our team for a fraction of a single consultant.

Taylor Made Service

By choosing VDS, you can have a taylor made contract agreement. Since we provide adhoc dba support and full dba team support, you can customize whether or not you want a block of hours, monthly, or yearly contacts.

Our Clients

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