As technology improves, so do companies. Technology has given a new meaning to going Global. Many small to large size enterprises now have customer across the globe. Meetings can be virtual, phone calls are a button away, and chatting has become instant. In a fast moving world, Vulture Data Solutions doesn't sleep for our customers and that's why we have a team both onshore and offshore. Whether you decide to just have onshore team vs. offshore team is all up to you. Each of our customers are unique and have their unique requirements. Some of the benefits ore listed below.

Features and Benefits of Offshore Support

  • Global customers are across the world. Support in your timezone means faster response.
  • Allows us to support you 24x7x365..
  • Cost effective. Smaller enterprise can afford to have 24x7x365.
  • Your main dba can have a backup at night. No need to be woken up at night for alerts.
  • There's always someone to monitor your system while you sleep.
  • Flexible Hourly Blocks that can be used anytime to save cost if you don't need offshore support.


Our Clients