Vulture Data Solutions, Inc. provides consultants and full team to help you get up and running with HP's Vertica Advanced Analytics. Enables organizations to manage and analyze massive volumes of structured and semi-structured data quickly and reliably with no limits or business compromises. With HPE Vertica, your queries will run 50-1,000x faster than any data warehouse or database technology. It’s proven to run at petabyte-scale and gives you complete openness to use any BI/ETL tool, run as SQL on Hadoop, and leverage scalable predictive analytics and a comprehensive library of built-in analytical functions. Experience the industry leading high-performance analytical database for yourself today. Within minutes derive maximum value from massive volumes of data using familiar SQL, no matter what option you choose. Contact Us today to see how Vulture Data Solutions can meet your demands for HP's Vertica Advanced Analytics Solution.

Key Areas for Vertica Advanced Analytics

  • Tap into fast, comprehensive, advanced SQL analytics.
  • We design, configure, and support your system for high availability and scalabilty. Achieve massive scalability.
  • Install on premise or on your AWS cloud nodes along with monitoring and optimizing your system.
  • We help setup auotmation of common operational tasks and help you leverage an open architecture.
  • Design and manage best practices for backups and whole infrastructure.


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