Database Upgrade and Migration Services

Vulture Data Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive upgrade and migration services for organization small and large. Many major platforms discontinue support for older releases, requiring companies to upgrade to the lastest release and protect their data from risk of data loss and other critical issues. Contact us for help with your requirements.


Our team can help you upgrade your existing database release to the latest release for the vendor. We work with you and plan out all phases of the upgrades from planning, testing, and going live with new release. These upgrades can be a large burden on your organization. Having VDS minimize these burdens ensure that your data is upgraded safely and with minimal downtime.


Migrating to different version can be a daunting task. Whether you need a feature provided by a different vendor or you need to downgrade to save cost, VDS can leverage our 25+ years of expertise to help you migrate to and from different vendors.

Reduce Cost

By selecting VDS, you can save a substantial amount in your bottom line with your database upgrade and migration projects. In addition to this, you can gain an enormous amount of experience from our team for a fraction of the cost.

Taylor Made Service

By choosing VDS, you can have a taylor made contract agreement. Since we provide adhoc dba support and full dba team support, you can customize whether or not you want a full team working to finish all updates/migrations or block of hours, monthly, or yearly contacts.

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