Database Security And Compliance Services

Vulture Data Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive security and compoliance assessments. The need to secure data is driven by expanding privacy and regulatory environment coupled with an increasingly dangerous world of hackers, insider threats, organized crime, and other groups intent on stealing valubable data. Cyberattacks, rouge insiders, and regulators are compelling organizations in all industries to carefully review their data systems to protect customer information, intellectual property, and other critical enterprise data. Contact us today to see how VDS can help minimize these threats and protect your data.

Security Assessments

Our team can do a full assesments of your databases for security reasons as well as for any regulartory and compliance requirements. Security requires a defense in depth, multi-layered, security model that includes preventative, detective, and administrative controls. We'll assess an evaluate your environment and see where an improvement is neeeded.

Audit & Compliance

Different industries have different audit and compliance regulatory requirements. Find out today how VDS can help you meet your audit and compliance requirements. We do a comprehensive analysis of your environment and provide you a full assesment of where improvements can be made. We can also setup a team to help you fix and short comings so that you can meet regulatory requirements.

Reduce Cost

By selecting VDS, you can save a substantial amount in your bottom line with your database upgrade and migration projects. In addition to this, you can gain an enormous amount of experience from our team for a fraction of the cost.

Taylor Made Service

By choosing VDS, you can have a taylor made contract agreement. Since we provide adhoc dba support and full dba team support, you can customize whether or not you want a full team working to finish all updates/migrations or block of hours, monthly, or yearly contacts.

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