Expert Database Consulting Services

Whether you are looking for a dba to backup your team or looking to design a whole new application, or to need to assess and audit and compliance requirement, our team of expert dba's and SA's is available to help.

New Architecture Design Project

Our team can help you complete a new database application project from start to finish. We work with you to design an optimal database architectural application from schema design to database failover and high availability.

Supplemental Support

Are you prone to missing deadlines on critical projects due to routine db maintenances. Leave it to ust to take over your routine patch maintenance, performance improvement, archiving , upgrades work so that your team can focus on that new project for upcoming quarters. Contact us today for customized quotes.

Performance Tuning

Don't know why your database performs slow? Need an outsider to take a look and assess the database? It maybe that your database is running just slow today but might have been running slower for a long time. Let us work with you in finding out what is causing it. Typical database improvement range from 35%-70% from our team. Contact us today.

Disaster Recovery and High Availablity

You have a production database but no real disaster recovery and high availabilty for it? Our expert consultants are here to help you setup a disaster recovery solution for you. From RAC, to Data Guard, to using NetAPP filers to Shareplex, we can work with you to design what's right for you and teach your team how to maintain it goign forward or hire our team to do that for you. Contact us today to get started.

Reduce Cost

By selecting VDS, you can save a substantial amount in your bottom line reducing turnover and improving employee retention. In addition to this, you can gain an enormous amount of experience from our team for a fraction of a single consultant.

Taylor Made Service

By choosing VDS, you can have a taylor made contract agreement. Since we provide adhoc dba support and full dba team support, you can customize whether or not you want a block of hours, monthly, or yearly contacts.

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