Are you short on resources? Don't want to hire another full time dba? Vulture Data Solutions is right for you! If your DBA is going on vacation but don't want to hire a backup dba, well then we have a solution for you. Take advantage of our service to compliment your DBA. We can work with your organization to provide you supplemental dba service so that your primary dba can focus on core project and we can back him/her up. Please see some of the below points that we offer as a Backup DBA solution.

  • Backup your dba while he/she is on vacation.
  • Don't want to be woken up at night? No worries, we can provide 3rd shift coverage.
  • Adhoc requests. We can take over minor tasks so your in house dba's can focus on high visilibity projects.
  • Save cost by allocating a backup DBA with us. No need to hire full time dba.
  • Global support.


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